Web App FAQ

What is a team?

Some companies may have hundreds or thousands of employees using Stabilitas. We make both the security team's job easier - as well as the employee on the ground - with the use of teams. A team is a simple way to organize a group of people allowing for easier communication and increased safety. This allows security managers to communicate with a team with a single message. This also allows employees to only see and share locations with those who need to know. Companies can have as few as one person on a team or 100; they can be traveling internationally or going to work in the same building.

How do I create a team?

How do I edit or delete an existing team?

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a perimeter that is set up around any location of your choice. Once set up any mobile user who goes into or “trips” the geofence will get an alert from our system on their phone as well as an alert will be sent to the web app.

How do I set up a geofence?

I can't see all of the reports on the map.

The map is set to only load with 3 map filters selected. Click on the filter icon in the top left-hand corner in the web app and check or uncheck whichever reports you want to see!

The report I just added isn't showing up.

Often times the map filter which contains your new report is unselected. Make sure to select the corresponding filter that your new report is under by clicking on the filter icon in the top left-hand corner of the navigation bar in the web app.

Why am I getting “Stabilitas not available at this time” error message?

This is usually having to do with permissions issues dealing with the company servers your work computer is hooked up to. While we don’t have access to fix this, we would love to work with you and your team and answer any questions you may have. Please email us at support@stabilitas.io

I've been told my problem has been fixed, but I don't see any changes.

To make sure all changes are being seen, often you need to do a “hard refresh” on the website. When you have the browser up and you are signed into Stabilitas, press these keys for your corresponding browser and computer:


Safari: Opt+Cmd+E then click refresh

Chrome: Cmd+Shift+R


Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+R

Edge: Ctrl+F5

Why are some of the features on the dashboard not working?

An out of date browser can break some features on the dashboard. Please ensure your browser is up to date with the latest version.

How to update Chrome: click here

How to update Safari: click here

How to update Edge: click here

Mobile App FAQ

What happens when I hit the emergency button?

When you press the emergency button and fully enter into “Emergency Mode” a text is sent to all of your personally set emergency contacts, a message is sent to the web app that will not go away until you check in via the home screen, and your user icon turns red for your security manager and teammates to see. Currently all help is provided by your employer, in case of an emergency always direct further contact to your teammates and company.

What does "Checking In" actually do?

When you “Check In” via that home screen you are sending a manual ping from your phone, letting us know that you’re OK. If your status color was orange or red before checking in, it will now be green. It also sends an alert ticket to the web app.

What does "Location Ghosting" actually do?

When “Location Ghosting” is turned on your exact location is “ghosted” within a 10km radius. Ghosting can only be turned off by you or if one of two things happens:
  • You enter into emergency mode by pressing the panic button.
  • Your SM/Team Manager “Breaks the Glass” to check where you are, and you are alerted on your mobile device letting you know your are no longer ghosted.

I have noticed my battery life has dropped, could this be becuase of the app?

We have found the app on average uses 4-6% of your overall battery. Typically less than 10%. What does that mean? For a phone battery that normally lasts 10 hrs, if Stabilitas is running, it now lasts 9.5 hours.

What is the data cost of using the app?

We aim to provide you with risk information that doesn’t drain your data, our app uses less than 1MB per month so you can stay proactively safer without needing a larger data plan.

I am traveling internationally. Will the app work where I am going?

Currently 85% of the human race now lives in data coverage area and we have made sure our app can work with 2G or higher, as well as with wi-fi. If you do happen to leave coverage range all the info is saved and will be sent to our API once you re-enter a data coverage area.

How secure is the app?

We understand security is important. Everything gets transported over TLS and data is further encrypted on a per account basis.

Why is my iPhone telling me Stabilitas isn't a "Trusted App"

Currently our app is not in the App Store and this is a standard response for applications that aren’t distributed directly through the apple store. Follow these steps to ‘trust’ the Stabilitas app on your iPhone.
  • Select Settings >
  • General >
  • Profiles >
  • A&H >
  • Stabilitas Ventures >
  • Trust

My app is crashing.

We are sorry to hear this, please email us at support@stabilitas.io and let us know on what screen the app crashed.

Why is my phone not consistently reporting to the web app?

Make sure background refresh in settings is on for the Stabilitas app, follow these steps to turn it on:
  • Settings >
  • Data Usage >
  • Scroll down & select Stabilitas >
  • Make sure "Restrict background data" in not checked
  • Settings >
  • General >
  • Background App Refresh >
  • Scroll down & make sure Stabilitas is toggled "on"

I've downloaded the app, but I don't see any teammates on the homescreen or map.

Your teammates will not show up until two things happen:
  • They also download the app on their phone &
  • You are put on a team with them via the web app

Can't find an answer to your question?

Please email us your question at support@stabilitas.io.